Back on track

It’s been a tough couple of weeks with a lot of changes and a bit of backsliding, depression-wise. So it’s time to take action.

I’ve created a new challenge so that I can focus on doing things for the next week. Hopefully that will help kick start me into a new summer routine. I want to start running again. And I haven’t gone beyond the first run I took in April!

Some of you may remember my first One Week Challenge in November. Or my 10 x 10 Challenge in January.

I’ve found them to be pretty motivational so I’m hoping for the same this week.

Here is the plan for my June Challenge:


We’ll see how it goes. One point of progress, this time “get out of bed” isn’t one of the accomplishments, which means I’ve come a long way! 🙂


Feeling so out of shape

I’m ready to go back to the gym. I mean, I’ve been paying for it since the fall, but for whatever reason (insane yoga hours and tiring work situation, financial stress, etc.), I haven’t been going. What a waste!

Now that my work situation is somewhat sorted, I’m noticing the lack in the fitness department. I mean, I’ve been doing bits and pieces about once a week, but generally nothing strenuous. I noticed I was really out of breath yesterday just talking while walking up stairs.

And this is the summer when I really want to get back into running.

So I’ve made a decision. Starting tomorrow I will go to the gym in the morning before work. Nothing too extensive, probably alternating between a half hour of running or swimming. The good thing is that the gym is on my way to my new job. (Another one of my previous excuses.)

I decided to go in the morning because I’ve been so tired lately, crashing when I get home from work. I’m hoping a quick run at the gym will energize me in the morning and that I can carry on from there.

I’ve packed my gym bag and work clothes and put them by the door. Hopefully that will make it easy for me to stick to my commitment tomorrow morning.

It always starting that gives me the most trouble, so the aim for tomorrow is to just do it. Good thing my Nikes are packed. 😉

Back to running: Step one

This year, I really want to start running again. Before depression and injuries hit, I was able to run half marathons!

Today, I took the first step: I walked home from work on what was our first nice sunny spring day this year.

The walk was a brisk walk of thirty minutes, and a little less than 3 km. But it’s the first step for many reasons.

1) My biggest issue is always just getting out there and doing it. I love it when I do get out, but that is always a problem because I build it up to this big mountainous task in my head.

2) I never even got out my bike last summer, let alone ran, so this is the opportunity to scope things out, find the best paths and be inspired by all the other runners I see along the way. I think exposure will be key.

3) I’ve been doing lots of yoga but no other exercise. And you really do need to walk before you run. This was a good walk, and it had hills too! So it’s a good warm-up for my leg muscles.

Let’s hope today’s success inspires a second step! 🙂

Feeling stressed out

After my little crash this weekend, I’ve realized that I’m under a lot of stress. So I’m trying to do what I can to manage it.

1) Work – for once, not a problem!

2) Daily yoga – I’ve decided that this was just too much now that I’m working and doing the teacher training.

3) Fitness – I need a stress outlet and more cardio. So instead of doing daily yoga (I’ll still go every few days) I’ve decided to go back to the gym. Because, you know, I’ve been paying for it! My plan is to start running again in twenty minute stints and to swim or cycle. My goal is twenty minutes of good cardio per day (much more reasonable than 90 minutes of yoga per day!). To make this happen, I’m going to drive to work and then stop at the gym before going home. Already my gym bag is packed and ready by the door.

4) Finances – This is probably my biggest stressor right now. I just found out that I have a hefty tax bill, in addition to my other debts to manage. I haven’t fully managed this yet, but I think I now have a plan to keep everything finely balanced this month. Hopefully next month it won’t be such a pinch! But having the big picture is helping somewhat.

5) Homework: I have a lot! But I plan to tackle it in chunks of twenty minutes per day.

6) Physical health – I’m struggling with a cold or allergies again and I also have a massive headache from my clenched jaws. I. Addition to the continued tummy troubles. I’m trying to take it easy to manage these. I’m also looking up self-massage techniques for the jaw.

7) Cleaning and organizing – This is something I ignored during my yoga binge. I want to stay on top of this by doing at least one task per day. It would probably only take five minutes!

I think that by removing the 90-minute-per-day yoga obligation and substituting other smaller tasks to stay on top of things I should hopefully be able to better manage my stress.

Back to Work Challenge

Okay, laziness is over. I’m bored, I’m alert, and I’m ready for a new challenge.

This next one will be a little different. To date, my challenges have been very flexible and fairly light to keep my challenges from overwhelming me and backfiring. In this challenge, however, I’m stepping up the level of difficulty.

I should be starting a new work contract in two weeks. And unlike the one in the fall, which brought me so much confidence, this one will be full time and 9 to 5 (or even earlier, eek!). So I need to start ramping up so that I’m ready!

What’s different: for each day I’ve actually prescribed to an extent what I want and need to do. Each day has ten tasks and not necessarily the same for each day. Rather, I’ve penned in my set plans and am filling in other specific tasks around those. Some of the ones later in the week are still blank. I’ll fill those out over the next few days. The challenge will last nine days.

The overall tasks are the following:
1) Get out of bed by 8 am each day. Eliminate napping.
2) Ease my way back into running and cardio work. This week that means running three days for 25 minutes made up of four sets of walk 1 min, run 5 min. On days with neither running nor intensive yoga training, I will swim for 1 km (30 min).
3) Steadily work through my yoga homework so that I don’t have as much to do once I’m working.
4) Start a daily yoga practice.
5) Continue to tackle tasks in bite-size pieces and resist my tendency to procrastinate.

So that’s the plan! I think I’m ready but I know that I don’t have to be perfect. I just need to put forward my best effort and get used to full days again. Wish me luck! 🙂