A clean slate

Today has been a good day. I slept well, woke up when I was ready and immediately showered and went out. I bought food for me and my kitty, and then went back home for a big day of cleaning.

There is something about cleaning that is invigorating. It’s kind of like exercise, with the wonderful reward of a relaxing environment free of the chaos of my messes.

Now that I’ve cleaned almost every room, I can sit back and enjoy the coziness. I think I’ll even light the (electric) fire. And then a friend is coming over for a dinner and a movie.

All in all a really nice day. So nice to have a bit of relief from the stress.


Ode to neighbourhood coffee shops

Today I am so grateful for my relaxing local coffee shop. It was a horrible rainy day so I struggled getting up. The darkness zapped my energy and not being able to enjoy the outdoors took away the enticement that has worked so well over the past few days.

I lazed about all morning and into the afternoon, alternately surfing the web, playing games, reading and sleeping. Mostly sleeping.

Finally at 3, I said, Enough! I knew I just had to get out of the house and do something. So I settled on studying at the coffee shop.

I was still rather slow as I went about showering, dressing and having lunch. But finally I made it out.

I’m so grateful for the coffee shop culture. Where you can bring your work and spend the day sipping lattes and getting things done. It’s warm and cozy, homey-feeling without the options of sleeping or watching tv.

Sometimes, like today, it can be hard to be productive. You run into a friend and chat. You blog. But you feel more alive and part of the community.

And there are so many others who are working on projects at the coffee shop. I get inspired by their studiousness and can settle down for my solitary work in the non-demanding company of others.

That said, I’m now being inspired to stop blogging and get to the work I came here to do.

Thank you, local coffee shop and fellow coffee drinkers. 🙂

A Really Good Day

Today was a great day. It’s 9 pm and everything on my list is complete. The only downside to today was that I was really sleepy in the afternoon and had a three hour nap! But for now I’ll put that down to transition. Tomorrow: no nap or at least a shorter one.

Before 8:30 am
1 – Get out of bed: check. Out by 6 am.
2 – Go outside: check. This is fantastic because it is -24C (-29C with windchill — that’s -20 Fahrenheit for my American friends). Eek! Note: I am ever so grateful for my car because otherwise it’s very doubtful I would have gone out. Brrrr!
3 – Exercise: check. 75 minute yoga class.
4 – Meditation: check. A lot of meditation and chanting at the end of my class.
5 – Finances: check. I went to the bank and also paid some bills.

Rest of the day
6 – Job search: check. Spent all morning reviewing my many job alerts, updating profiles and printing the jobs I’ll apply to tomorrow. Contacted a recruiter.
7 – Veggies: check. Ate a Greek salad.
8 – Clean: check. Took out the garbage and recycling. Emptied dishwasher.
9 – Socialize: check. Wrote an email to family in the UK. Also called a friend and left a voicemail.
10 – Yoga homework: check. Read my new yoga sutras book for 40 minutes. It’s so much better than the first interpretation I tried!
11 – Something nice: check. Had a morning latte, watched TV, had a bath to warm up (did I mention it’s bloody cold?!?), relaxed with a lavender eye pillow and cuddled with my kitty.
12 – Avoidance: check. I called my cable and wireless provider to cut cable and try to reduce my phone bills. In the end I didn’t cancel the cable, but I did reduce it by $21 per month. So I don’t have to give up my HBO. 🙂

The past two days were pretty crappy so I’m glad to have things back on track.

Have a good night (or day for you Aussies)!