A day well spent

I left the house today and really, that is the key to a good day I think. I had no expectations of myself except that I wanted to go to a free outdoor yoga class and I wanted to ride my bike there.

Here’s my day:
-slept in
-rode my bike to the park
-did outdoor yoga
-rode my bike to a coffee shop for lunch and an iced latte
-rode home
-relaxed and blogged etc
-rode my bike for about 3 km
-settled down on under a shady tree and studied for two hours while enjoying the sounds of the birds and dogs, and the views of grass and trees and water
-returned home
-relaxed on my patio

In all I probably had about 5 hours of productivity but I feel so good, like I accomplished some great things today. Mostly, today was a success in continuing to build new paths in my brain, hoping that I develop this leisurely approach to my free schedule as a habit. Yay!


Social and Productive

Those are the two words I would use to describe today.

I was very sociable, with six people over at various times throughout the day. It started at 8 am with the repair guy. That wasn’t so fun but it got me up at eight and I got a head start on my cleaning while waiting for him to finish. Then I napped.

At lunch I started cleaning again, this time with a full vacuum and wash of the floors. Everything is so nice and tidy!

I then had an unexpected visitor. And I hadn’t yet showered because I had to wait for the newly re-grouted tile to dry in the bathroom. I’m impressed that despite being grubby I didn’t pretend not to be home. I answered the call and invited the guest up. Progress.

After this visit I was again rather tired so I decided to have a nice bath. Screw the drying grout: I covered it with Saran Wrap!

That helped refresh and revive me then it was time to cook for my four evening guests. I never cook. So it felt like quite an accomplishment. 🙂 I think this is the first time I was ever prepared for guests at ten minutes before the appointed time.

It was a fantastic gathering. I used to always host friends but since depression hit I was less and less social. So this was a really good night.

The only flaw with today (aside from the nap) is that I didn’t do any exercise. I did, however, do everything else on the list and more.

So tomorrow I’m making only two goals: 1) exercise and 2) have a fun night out with my friend.

Wish Me Luck!

I have another interview. That makes for two in the next week. And I still haven’t submitted the other application I had mentioned. I hope this is a sign of good things to come!

The first interview is tomorrow. And I’m not feeling nervous at all. Strange.

Today’s been a good day. I still haven’t developed my next challenge, but the day was productive nonetheless. I went out to get groceries again after yesterday’s fiasco. (Hmm, I just realized I wasn’t even angry yesterday when I realized at the checkout that I’d forgotten my wallet. I just kind of rolled my eyes at myself. 😉 This is good.)

I had a latte too. But I still felt “sleepy” in the afternoon. I’m not sure that I really was. But in any case I didn’t have a nap. Just rested with my lavender pillow for 15 minutes and then went about errands and cleaning and other things that kept me moving. I also did a lot of yoga homework. I’m starting to think about the short class plan that I need to create. I think the theme will be a short routine for depressed people to do in the morning to ease them out of bed and slowly energize them. That’s what I need, anyways! 😉

I didn’t exercise today, but otherwise I accomplished a fair bit.

Now I think it is time to go to bed early to be fresh for tomorrow’s interview. Wish me luck! 🙂

A Really Good Day

Today was a great day. It’s 9 pm and everything on my list is complete. The only downside to today was that I was really sleepy in the afternoon and had a three hour nap! But for now I’ll put that down to transition. Tomorrow: no nap or at least a shorter one.

Before 8:30 am
1 – Get out of bed: check. Out by 6 am.
2 – Go outside: check. This is fantastic because it is -24C (-29C with windchill — that’s -20 Fahrenheit for my American friends). Eek! Note: I am ever so grateful for my car because otherwise it’s very doubtful I would have gone out. Brrrr!
3 – Exercise: check. 75 minute yoga class.
4 – Meditation: check. A lot of meditation and chanting at the end of my class.
5 – Finances: check. I went to the bank and also paid some bills.

Rest of the day
6 – Job search: check. Spent all morning reviewing my many job alerts, updating profiles and printing the jobs I’ll apply to tomorrow. Contacted a recruiter.
7 – Veggies: check. Ate a Greek salad.
8 – Clean: check. Took out the garbage and recycling. Emptied dishwasher.
9 – Socialize: check. Wrote an email to family in the UK. Also called a friend and left a voicemail.
10 – Yoga homework: check. Read my new yoga sutras book for 40 minutes. It’s so much better than the first interpretation I tried!
11 – Something nice: check. Had a morning latte, watched TV, had a bath to warm up (did I mention it’s bloody cold?!?), relaxed with a lavender eye pillow and cuddled with my kitty.
12 – Avoidance: check. I called my cable and wireless provider to cut cable and try to reduce my phone bills. In the end I didn’t cancel the cable, but I did reduce it by $21 per month. So I don’t have to give up my HBO. 🙂

The past two days were pretty crappy so I’m glad to have things back on track.

Have a good night (or day for you Aussies)!

Operation Productivity

I had a little holiday this week. Not really, I just didn’t do anything. Enough is enough. Time to refocus.

In the next 7 days, I will do each of the following tasks:

  1. Get out of bed
  2. Go outside
  3. Exercise for 30 minutes or more
  4. Job search tasks for 20 minutes or more
  5. Clean or organize one thing
  6. Financial management – 10 minutes or more
  7. Eat fresh veggies
  8. Meditate, for any length of time
  9. Yoga homework or self-help: 15 minutes
  10. Socialize – in person, by phone, by Skype or by catching up with someone through a long email/message/letter.
  11. Avoidance list – spend 10 minutes doing something to address something I’ve been procrastinating on.
  12. Something nice for me: bath, pedicure, TV, whatever.

Mostly this is an adaptation of my 10×10 challenge. What’s new:

  • Yoga homework – Self explanatory. I have a lot and want to tackle it in small doses.
  • Socialize – This has been the hardest thing to resume since depression. Time to gently break free of my bubble.
  • Avoidance list – This doesn’t really exist. But I have a mental list of things I want or need to do “someday”… and for whatever reason, I never get around to them. So, I can choose something depending on my mood or what I feel like doing that day. And I don’t have to finish. I just have to start taking the first steps.

So, tonight I will chill out with Netflix. Tomorrow Operation Productivity begins!

(Okay, I’ve been binging on Once Upon a Time. “Operation Cobra” seems to have been absorbed. 😉 )

10×10 Challenge: Days 8 & 9

I’m almost there! Sorry for combining two days in one post, but I was simply too exhausted to write yesterday!

In summary, Friday (Day 8) was very focussed on finances (I’m getting some assistance, yeah!) and yoga (I started my intensive training), with a late night job application thrown in. It was a very late night, but I completed all ten tasks and also even prepared for my early Saturday by making my lunch and getting my clothes together, etc. I’m never so organized!

But I’m so glad I was. Today was… intense. In a good way. After last night’s intro, today was a 9-hour day of yoga training! I’m so exhausted because I was too keyed up to get much sleep last night. So my organization was a great help because I could get up a little later and then quickly shower and head out the door.

Luckily, the yoga training includes so much that it qualifies for exercise, self-help and meditation. It was a very good day. But at this point I’m so glad to not be sitting cross-legged any more! My right hip isn’t very happy. And my brain is a little numb. So now I’m vegging and about to do something nice for me: watch some Netflix.

Today I am 8/10 for my tasks.* I did everything except finances and job applications. But considering the amount I worked on those yesterday, and the amount of time I spent in “school” today, I think that is quite okay! 🙂

One more day to go! And then I’ll need to create a new challenge. 🙂


*Author’s note: Wait a minute! Yoga teacher training is a career related task- at the end I’ll have a new trade that I can practice on the side. So that makes Saturday (day 9) a 9 out of 10! 🙂

10×10 Challenge: Day 4

Today was… efficient! I was really tired from all the late night application work yesterday and, seeing the nasty freezing rain when I fed the cat, I went back to bed and slept in until almost noon.

I also had a nap late afternoon! But, I already have everything done on my list so I can sit back now and watch a movie. 🙂

1- Get out of bed: Check
Late is better than never. 😉

2- Go outside: Check
I went out to yoga in the evening, when it was much nicer.

3- Exercise: Check
I did a 90 minute yoga class. Today’s class was very relaxed, just stretching, but I don’t want to overdo it so that was just what I needed today.

4- Job Search: Check
I sent in some forms, contacted two recruiters, weeded out a job that wouldn’t work out, and drafted the cover letter for an application that needs to go in tomorrow. And I found out that I have a test later this week for a job I applied for last month. Yippee!

5- Clean or Organize: Check
More dishes. I sure do make a lot when I’m home all day, every day!

6- Finances: Check
Filled out a medical claim (but I just realized I forgot to mail it while I was out!) and also filled out some paperwork I need to send in, along with a fee, of course!

7- Veggies: Check
More carrots. They’re the only thing clean and ready to eat. Tomorrow I’ll have to wash and cut all my other veggies.

8- Meditate: Check
There was a gong meditation at the end of my yoga class.

9- Self-Help: Check
I read part of my yoga for depression book (and then fell asleep, hence the nap!).

10- Something nice for me: Check
Lots of cuddles with my kitty and I’m watching a movie now.

So, a very short but productive day! I’ll have to get to sleep earlier tonight so that I’m not so exhausted tomorrow.

Here’s how things are shaping up on my chart. Smiley stars in the boxes this time! 😉