Sunny Day!

I’m sitting outside in the sun! And it’s warm enough not to need my jacket! We are finally nearing +20 C! Can it be that spring is arriving?

I’m making a point of soaking up the sun as it is so overdue! And just being outside is part of my stress management plan. 🙂

Today is a little calmer in the office. And I came in to find a thank you note from my supervisor. I guess she appreciated my efforts to be calming yesterday. 🙂

The days fly by now as I have so much to do, but I’ll be sure to keep taking these outdoor lunch breaks. It’s so wonderful to feel the warming sun and a slight breeze.

I meant to do homework now. But I will see this as my “other” yoga homework. Taking time for me to feel balanced and at peace.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to close my eyes for a bit. xx


A Fabulous Day :-)

Today was such a wonderful day! It’s like these great things are percolating and ready to burst forth. At least I hope so!

My contract was extended at work so I’ll be employed for another month. Yay!

I’ve been sought out by a recruiter and have a job interview tomorrow. It sounds really promising and right up my alley, so I hope it works out! Better yet, it would be for something permanent. I so long for some stability.

I ran into an old colleague at work. We’ll meet for coffee and maybe she has some job leads too.

A friend from out of town may be getting a new job here so she might stay with me for a month or two and chip in for rent. (Finances are so tight it would be a great help and she is good company too.)

I went to yoga and ran into no less than five people from my training program. And we weren’t even taking the same classes. 🙂 (Oh, and I had a very intense and great class, with no tears whatsoever!)

I’m super excited right now and I really hope that I can get the new job. (Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself by talking about it!)

It’s nice to be excited because otherwise I would be so anxious! I teach my next yoga class in four or five days and I’m so far from ready! Eeek!

Time for some television to calm down, then back to the books. 🙂

(Are there enough exclamation marks in this post? 😉 )


As difficult and overwhelming as this past yoga training weekend was, it seems to have been really good for me!

I slept well.
I woke up at 8:30 am, bright-eyed and cheerful.
I have found myself singing and almost dancing instead of walking.
The sun is shining.
I’m only pleasantly sore, the feeling you have after a great workout.
I’m ready to rush out to meet the day and to even do another yoga class!

I feel really good. Love it. 🙂

10×10 Challenge: Day 6

Today I was just exhausted. I think it was too late at night when I took the melatonin. Midnight-ish? I fell right asleep and slept until the cat pestered me awake. Then I fed her and went back to sleep until noon.

Despite the tiredness, though, I was very cheerful. I found myself singing as I made my lunch. The compliment yesterday must have gone to my head. 😉 Singing does really make you feel good, though. Something I never really realized before doing some of the chanting yoga.

Anyways, I did some tasks this afternoon, and then I went to sleep again until 7 pm. I’m awake now, but still so tired. So while I’m only 7 for 10 today, I’m okay with that. I’m going to go to bed early, without melatonin, and then hopefully be fresh for my test tomorrow. Likely the monster, I mean my cat, will wake me up quite early as usual, so I’ll have a chance to study a bit then.

Otherwise, the only news today is that I’ve made my decision. I will do my course. It’s yoga teacher training. I don’t necessarily want to teach, but having the option would be good. I’m interested because of the potential for self-discovery, community, and to increase my knowledge and practice of yoga. Yoga has been a major help to me with my depression. And I just feel like everything is coming together and that’s the path I should take. I’m so grateful to be given a scholarship from my yoga studio to study. I can’t pass that up. Also, it would add much needed routine to my schedule, something I really need since I’m not currently working.

Today’s summary
I did everything on my 10×10 challenge except:

  • go outside
  • exercise
  • meditate

And I’m okay with that. I am in a good mood, just really tired. So I’ll listen to my body and get some extra sleep and hopefully awake refreshed tomorrow.

Feeling Good!

Today I definitely woke up on the right side of the bed. I was dancing as I dried my hair!

I’m not sure what caused the good mood, but I’m not complaining. Maybe because I’m feeling optimistic about my new daily challenge. Maybe because a potential new career avenue opened up yesterday. Maybe because of the slight boost to the Prozac. Maybe because when I was sleepy this morning I had the option to sleep longer and wake up when I was ready. I’m really not a morning person, so maybe working in the afternoons is good for me. Also, I didn’t need to contend with the morning chaos of a snowstorm – just the beauty now that it is under control. I was able to get ready at my own pace, and played music while I showered and got ready for work. And before I knew it my hips were moving!

Whatever it is, I like! 🙂

Rise and Shine!

I had a good morning! This despite lack of sleep and the temptation to cancel. Yay!

It was around 2 am when I fell asleep – meditating and blogging too late! 😉 – and my lovely cat woke me at 7 am, an hour earlier than my alarm. Thanks, Kitty!

I was super tired and ready to call off my morning plans. I thought and thought about cancelling. In addition to my fatigue I had my psoriasis treatment on, so I knew washing my hair would be a chore. Another disincentive. But I also reminded myself about all the work I’ve been putting into getting outside daily and gradually becoming more social. Big debate!

Since I had an extra hour, I decided to put off the decision and went for a nice long mineral bath while playing my favourite CD. I thoroughly washed my hair three or four times to remove the nasty psoriasis gel, and was feeling relaxed and somewhat more alert. I decided to go. And I had a wonderful time meeting up at a social gathering with people I did and didn’t know. I was very chatty, social and happy. I hope this means that Prozac will be a successful medication for me. I’m so tired of being alternately apathetic and anxious.

So, I just wanted to record this to remind myself that I can have a good morning and that it is worth resisting the pull of sleep.

Although I did need a nap after lunch! 😉