Sunny Day!

I’m sitting outside in the sun! And it’s warm enough not to need my jacket! We are finally nearing +20 C! Can it be that spring is arriving?

I’m making a point of soaking up the sun as it is so overdue! And just being outside is part of my stress management plan. 🙂

Today is a little calmer in the office. And I came in to find a thank you note from my supervisor. I guess she appreciated my efforts to be calming yesterday. 🙂

The days fly by now as I have so much to do, but I’ll be sure to keep taking these outdoor lunch breaks. It’s so wonderful to feel the warming sun and a slight breeze.

I meant to do homework now. But I will see this as my “other” yoga homework. Taking time for me to feel balanced and at peace.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to close my eyes for a bit. xx


Easy going

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve become pretty easy going. Not so easily ruffled.

This morning I stepped out into the most miserable day, and found out that my boots have a leak as I walked through icy puddles. Swish, swish, swish. And I wasn’t too bothered. I made jokes about it and once I was in the office I left off the shoes for a while to just dry out my feet. No big deal.

And work is really great. I was on my own today but found lots of motivation to get things moving. And while I felt a bit tired before the last hour, thinking it would drag on forever as I’d finished my main project of the day, after the thought passed I found something new to do and the time flew by.

I had yoga this evening and by that point I was quite tired and hadn’t had time to eat dinner either. But the practice was okay (I got a bit mixed up with the teacher’s instructions) and then it was a very relaxed class afterwards with lots of discussion. It felt nice to talk with others about our thoughts, things we find difficult and to realize many of us feel the same. Instead of the exhaustion I felt pre-yoga, now I feel fairly relaxed and ready for a nice long sleep.

At least I hope it is long. Things have been very good for me this week but there is one small concern. I keep waking up at 4 am and then often can’t sleep. It’s like clockwork. I meet with my psychiatrist next week so I’ll have to ask if it’s the Wellbutrin time release again. I may have to change the timing of when I take it so that I can forestall the insomnia.

So that’s it. A really good week overall. But I’m really tired now after my first full week of work so it’s time to get to sleep!