Sorry for my neglect!

Hello all,

Sorry to be so absent lately! I’ve really neglected my blog!

There are many reasons β€”Β some good, some bad. Overall, I’ve not been so depressed lately so I haven’t felt the burning need to write. Also, it has been summer, so I think all the sun has helped and I’ve been a little busier.

I have, however, struggled a lot with anxiety. However, it is anxiety that is very much based on my current circumstances, notΒ my brain acting up.

So I’m okay overall, much better this week than two weeks ago. Also, I’ve been really, really social, which is great.

But there are a few things that are really lacking right now, namely, exercise! I’ve been meaning all summer to get back to running, swimming and cycling and I just keep procrastinating. I’ve done some yoga, but nothing else, so this has to change.

So, to give myself the kick in the butt that I need, I’ve issued myself a 40 day challenge. Because 40 days is apparently the length of time it takes to start developing a new habit.

My 40 day exercise challenge:

I will do some form of cardio exercise for 30 minutes every day for 40 days.

I start tomorrow! Wish me luck or, even better, join me and we can support each other! πŸ™‚


June Challenge: Week 1 Recap

I continued on with my challenge, but struggled a little late in the week. I haven’t gone running again (need to break the mental block), but I have done other exercise. I also relied on lattes for energy a lot late in the week.

I’m going to start a new challenge tomorrow. I haven’t finalized it, but I plan to address a few things that keep tripping me up. The biggest is this: No Naps.

We will see how it goes. As for today, I had a really good day and I am feeling pleasantly tired after a day well spent.


June Challenge: Day 3

Today was unorthodox, but good overall.

– worked well
– doing great with cutting lattes from my daily routine
– laughed at my cat who started purring and walking under me when I was doing a downward dog
– felt like I was floating around when I walked around the office during the day, a really good feeling in my body after running yesterday.

– ice cream for dinner
– napping all evening

Things I’m okay with:
– Not running today. I had planned to, but I don’t think my muscles had recovered from yesterday. I think running should be every other day for now as I don’t want injuries.
– Cleaning and stretching and meditating in the early morning hours. I woke up after my long nap and felt like doing some of the cleaning tasks I had neglected. I cleaned the kitty litter, gathered the clothes from the floor and put them all in the hamper for the wash, checked that I had something to wear tomorrow, and loaded the dishwasher. And I’m trying out the delay feature for the first time. If all works well, the dishwasher should go on when I need to wake up for work!

I’m feeling relaxed and ready to head back to bed now. And I’ve got a few ideas for tomorrow on how to make sure I don’t nap and miss my team sport.

Good night! πŸ™‚


June Challenge: Day 2

I did it! I was disciplined and I went to the gym after work. And I ran!

I’m easing myself back into long distance running, so today I did a combination of running and walking for 30 minutes. For some annoying reason, treadmills in Canada seem to be set in miles more often than not, which doesn’t mean much to me. But it said I did 2.05 miles, which is about 3.3 km. Not a bad start! I did two stretches of running 5 minutes straight to begin, but then slowed down some as my body wasn’t ready for more and I was getting a bit dizzy. So for the rest of the time I did a mix of 1, 2 and 3 minute running sets.

I was also social and went out with two friends. πŸ™‚

The only missed goal today was being on time for work. But considering I was struggling to go at all after insomnia last night, I’d say that is a win because the key thing is that I went.

Overall, the day was great despite the pouring rain. I have some new work projects that are more engaging, and I got a lot done today while still feeling relaxed.

I think the key to today’s success was this: I didn’t go straight home after work where the temptation to sleep always seems to set in. I went straight to my workout and then out to meet my friends, so my energy didn’t have a chance to dip.


June Challenge: Day 1

Fail. …No wait a moment, that is my inner perfectionist speaking. I did 7 of 9 tasks or 78%, so I guess that’s a B.

Where I went wrong: I had a nap. I can’t seem to get back up again afterwards so I missed my workout/social time. This is becoming a terrible pattern. And it is the reason I’m now up in the middle of the night.

I also binged on Haagen Dazs when I was feeling guilty and disappointed. This isn’t on the list, but it is not a good thing.

I’m not sure this week’s list confronts my worst habits and avoidances, but it’s a start. I’ve already mentally started a list of things for next week’s challenge.

– no naps
– eat vegetable dish
– record what I eat

Here is the progress, as requested Cal! I had started with check marks but dug out the stars after your comment. So now they look like shooting stars! πŸ˜‰


Back on track

It’s been a tough couple of weeks with a lot of changes and a bit of backsliding, depression-wise. So it’s time to take action.

I’ve created a new challenge so that I can focus on doing things for the next week. Hopefully that will help kick start me into a new summer routine. I want to start running again. And I haven’t gone beyond the first run I took in April!

Some of you may remember my first One Week Challenge in November. Or my 10 x 10 Challenge in January.

I’ve found them to be pretty motivational so I’m hoping for the same this week.

Here is the plan for my June Challenge:


We’ll see how it goes. One point of progress, this time “get out of bed” isn’t one of the accomplishments, which means I’ve come a long way! πŸ™‚

Everything Zen

I feel much better today. Although I woke up tired, it was mostly because I had a nap and then went to bed late. I got caught up in The Walking Dead!

I went in to work and was only a few minutes late. I had a good meeting and then I was set to go for the day. I wonder if part of my stress Monday and Tuesday was related to me feeling at a deadlock at work. Today I sorted out the issue so I was able to be productive again. It’s something to be curious about. In retrospect I think I’ve often dreaded work when I was lacking direction and purpose.

I decided today that I need to do one thing a day that relaxes me. I don’t think I can avoid stress until my job situation is sorted, but I need to do something to manage it. So today I made a point of going outside at lunch. It was still cold, but it was really sunny so I walked outside running errands then sat in a sunny courtyard for about ten minutes just to absorb some vitamin D.

I think leaving my desk and getting fresh air and sun (and more coffee) were very helpful and I had a very nice afternoon. I was even inspired to go to yoga after work, which was a bonus. It was a great class, half workout and half relaxation, just what I needed.

It’s a four-day weekend this weekend, so I need to prepare myself so that I don’t repeat last weekend’s mistakes. So I will be creating a very doable challenge to get me doing the key things to a good day: get out of bed, go outside, and get moving. I also need to set short periods of homework time as I have a lot of things due next weekend and procrastinating will only make me more stressed. So I think I’ll bribe myself to do it by taking my work to a coffee shop that has yummy lattes.

For now, it’s time to relax in an Epsom salt bath. πŸ™‚