June Challenge: Day 3

Today was unorthodox, but good overall.

– worked well
– doing great with cutting lattes from my daily routine
– laughed at my cat who started purring and walking under me when I was doing a downward dog
– felt like I was floating around when I walked around the office during the day, a really good feeling in my body after running yesterday.

– ice cream for dinner
– napping all evening

Things I’m okay with:
– Not running today. I had planned to, but I don’t think my muscles had recovered from yesterday. I think running should be every other day for now as I don’t want injuries.
– Cleaning and stretching and meditating in the early morning hours. I woke up after my long nap and felt like doing some of the cleaning tasks I had neglected. I cleaned the kitty litter, gathered the clothes from the floor and put them all in the hamper for the wash, checked that I had something to wear tomorrow, and loaded the dishwasher. And I’m trying out the delay feature for the first time. If all works well, the dishwasher should go on when I need to wake up for work!

I’m feeling relaxed and ready to head back to bed now. And I’ve got a few ideas for tomorrow on how to make sure I don’t nap and miss my team sport.

Good night! 🙂



Working Girl

I returned to the workforce today. It went really well!

It was a full 9 to 5 day, so my challenge will be getting into the swing of a morning routine.

Today I was alert all day, until the last hour when I was getting tired. But that’s mostly because I didn’t sleep so well last night. My cat decided to wake me at 5 am and every hour thereafter. :-p

I’m looking forward to having a regular schedule again. I’ve been missing routine.

I also went to yoga today, so I’m well on my way to establishing a daily yoga practice. That makes one full week so far! I’ve been doing easy meditation courses mostly this week because my muscles were so sore, but I think I’m ready now to do some more intensive classes again.

Good night!


I had a major bout of insomnia last night. Perhaps too much stimulation yesterday after too many days of no activity. In any case, I’m so sleepy! Not feeling like doing too much today. So far the only accomplishment is lots of snuggles with my purring kitty.
I just woke up and already I think I need a nap. Hopefully I’ll pick up more energy as the day goes along. *yawn*

10×10 Challenge: Day 6

Today I was just exhausted. I think it was too late at night when I took the melatonin. Midnight-ish? I fell right asleep and slept until the cat pestered me awake. Then I fed her and went back to sleep until noon.

Despite the tiredness, though, I was very cheerful. I found myself singing as I made my lunch. The compliment yesterday must have gone to my head. 😉 Singing does really make you feel good, though. Something I never really realized before doing some of the chanting yoga.

Anyways, I did some tasks this afternoon, and then I went to sleep again until 7 pm. I’m awake now, but still so tired. So while I’m only 7 for 10 today, I’m okay with that. I’m going to go to bed early, without melatonin, and then hopefully be fresh for my test tomorrow. Likely the monster, I mean my cat, will wake me up quite early as usual, so I’ll have a chance to study a bit then.

Otherwise, the only news today is that I’ve made my decision. I will do my course. It’s yoga teacher training. I don’t necessarily want to teach, but having the option would be good. I’m interested because of the potential for self-discovery, community, and to increase my knowledge and practice of yoga. Yoga has been a major help to me with my depression. And I just feel like everything is coming together and that’s the path I should take. I’m so grateful to be given a scholarship from my yoga studio to study. I can’t pass that up. Also, it would add much needed routine to my schedule, something I really need since I’m not currently working.

Today’s summary
I did everything on my 10×10 challenge except:

  • go outside
  • exercise
  • meditate

And I’m okay with that. I am in a good mood, just really tired. So I’ll listen to my body and get some extra sleep and hopefully awake refreshed tomorrow.

Regretting the Nap

I can’t sleep! I have been waking up every hour or two. The cat likes it, purring away thinking food must be on its way. But I’m not impressed.

But alas, it’s my fault. I really should have set an alarm when I took my nap.

May break down and feed the cat now. Otherwise I will be up again in an hour when the pest starts jumping on me and poking me in the face to demand food.

I’m already thinking about cancelling on my friends and just hibernating for the day. Not good. Blah.

Perking Up

I’m feeling much better today. The allergy meds are finally kicking in (though I have to admit I took the second at 18 hours rather than 24 hours later, like I was supposed to).

And I slept for most of last night. My cat woke me up at 4 am but she just wanted to be petted rather than harassing me for food. It’s amazing what sleep can do for you!

I’m chilling now after a long day of work. However, I now have only a few days left and then I’m jobless again. 😦 But right now I’m not worried. Hopefully I’ll keep the stress away so that I can power through more applications. And I have to network at lot, I think. See if I can’t get another short contract to tide me over until I find a good long term position.

So, now that the busy week is wrapping up, I definitely have to hit the gym tomorrow or Saturday. I sprinted two blocks to catch the bus yesterday and then I was panting for many minutes afterwards! So not good.

Anyway, today was a super long day at work so I didn’t do anything else. But blogging counts as self help, right? Now that the long shifts are over, I’ll restart my daily challenge tomorrow.

Good night! Take care!