June Challenge: Day 2

I did it! I was disciplined and I went to the gym after work. And I ran!

I’m easing myself back into long distance running, so today I did a combination of running and walking for 30 minutes. For some annoying reason, treadmills in Canada seem to be set in miles more often than not, which doesn’t mean much to me. But it said I did 2.05 miles, which is about 3.3 km. Not a bad start! I did two stretches of running 5 minutes straight to begin, but then slowed down some as my body wasn’t ready for more and I was getting a bit dizzy. So for the rest of the time I did a mix of 1, 2 and 3 minute running sets.

I was also social and went out with two friends. 🙂

The only missed goal today was being on time for work. But considering I was struggling to go at all after insomnia last night, I’d say that is a win because the key thing is that I went.

Overall, the day was great despite the pouring rain. I have some new work projects that are more engaging, and I got a lot done today while still feeling relaxed.

I think the key to today’s success was this: I didn’t go straight home after work where the temptation to sleep always seems to set in. I went straight to my workout and then out to meet my friends, so my energy didn’t have a chance to dip.



4 thoughts on “June Challenge: Day 2

  1. Congrats I am so proud of you ❤ 🙂

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