From energetic to tired and headachy

Today I woke up bright and chipper. I know, it’s Monday! What’s up with that?

Apparently my weekend of yoga was good for me. I didn’t have my emotional dip. I stayed busy, active and social. I worked towards a goal. It was really tiring, but since I went to bed early, I was actually refreshed come morning.

During the day, however, my mood slowly dipped and tiredness took over. Or maybe it was boredom? After my busy day Friday making plans and strategies, today was the day to talk things out, get feedback, get answers, and to get the go ahead to move full steam ahead. But the people I needed to meet with weren’t there! So it was a long, slow day as I looked for work rather than getting to my main tasks.

And then I had tummy troubles which really weren’t fun, nor a contributor to good spirits.

By the end of the day, I was wiped. I went home, had dinner, and struggled not to fall asleep before 7 pm. In the end, that’s why I went to yoga today. I didn’t do an invigorating class – my muscles really need a break today – but I knew I would fall asleep too early and then have insomnia if I stayed home. So I went to a relaxation yoga class where I could lie about in lots of restorative poses while staying awake.

It seems to have worked. I’m really overtired now and have a headache, but at least it’s now a decent sleeping time that will perhaps let me sleep through the night.

I hope tomorrow isn’t so boring!


2 thoughts on “From energetic to tired and headachy

  1. I always have the same problem staying awake in the afternoon / early evening. Sometimes I get home at 6 and am immediately ready to fall asleep and have to force myself to stay awake. I usually try to play the tv a little loud while I cook dinner, keeps me awake long enough to eat and go to bed at the right time. Even I turn the heat down a bit because I’m never too sleepy when I’m cold.

  2. You are really inspiring me with the great progress you’re making! 🙂 ❤

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